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What is Apex Career Education?

Apex Career Education is a course that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to ensure that you become a life-long learner.  Students will learn a variety of study skills and academic strategies that will help them throughout their high school years and beyond.  This course is self-paced, with all of the instructional content available to the students online 24/7.  I will be here to provide feedback and score your assignments, as well as proctor your exams.  I think you will enjoy the flexibility of this course and the skills you learn here will absolutely assist you in your other academic endeavors.


Red and Blue Daily Schedule

Google Meet Sessions will begin at the start of each period.

Red Day

Period 1  8:00am-9:30am

Google Meet Begins at 8am

Blue Day

Period 2  8:00am-9:30am

Google Meet begins at 8am

Red Day

Period 3  10:00am-11:40am

Google Meet begins at 10am

Blue Day

Period 4 10:00am-11:40am

Google Meet begins at 10am

Red Day

Period 5 12:30pm-2:11pm

Google Meet begins at 12:30pm

Blue Day

Period 6  12:30pm-2:11pm

Google Meet begins at 12:30


Important Links & Resources

For Your Convenience

Typewriter Keys
Adult Students
Empty Chairs in Lecture Room


I teach/proctor various Apex courses Periods 1-6

Mastery Courses

Career Education and College Survival
Personal Wellness

Credit Retrieval Courses

Apex credit retrieval allows students who have failed to earn credit in a previous course an opportunity to re-take an Apex based version of the course.  Credit retrieval teaching/proctoring responsibilities are shared by myself and a teacher that holds certification for the discipline covered in the Apex course.


Get in Touch

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702-799-6800 ext. 3920



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